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Wide open spaces

Beginning of Year 1…


Welcome to Our Family Vineyard! We look forward to sharing this exciting adventure of putting in a few acres of grape vines. The vineyard is still to be named. We are hopeful as we spend more time getting to know the site and history the name will become more obvious. For now, we just call it Our Family Vineyard – hope you enjoy!

You can follow our Year 1 planting day by day on The Adventure tab!

Why are we sharing? We have asked ourselves this very question and find it encourages us to record the journey.¬† It’s very likely much of this¬†will be forgotten a week, month, year or even a few years down the road. We hope we’ll find some joy in looking back on our adventure as part of our history and we’re happy to share it with others who are interested.

However this crazy adventure may play out, we anticipate it will be memorable for our family at the very least.


First year’s growth…happy vines!

The skies are always changing here!