Day 20.2 – Stake Slayer Conquers

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My Love!

The sun is shining and this train is a rollin’!!!

We keep our heads down getting the work done.  The roses will be planted by the end of the day and there are 6 rows of stakes left…we will conquer!

It’s 10 AM and a set of parents pull in.  Did they really hear our inner cries???  They have come to help the Lone Stake Slayer- yay!  It’s amazing how a few extra hands for a few extra hours makes a world of difference.

They join up with the Lone Stake Slayer. Who, had already knocked out a row and a half of the remaining 6 rows (Today’s target – 132 stakes give or take).


One good looking Truck Driver!


Tim’s first post on the job!

Go Team Go!!  Jana takes control of the truck and Tim & Justin tackle the stakes.  They are making great progress ….and then Justin drives off???  It turns out Justin broke the post driller!  Oh dear – how many times does that happen in a man’s life?  He borrows the neighbor’s welder to fix it – which is a shake-your-head-embarrassing funny because the post driller ALSO belongs to the neighbor – oh dear.  Note To Selves – Just buy your own post driller. period.


Not quite the type of field work these two are use to!

Justin is back shortly and away they go – off to the races!  They are on the last row and Tate and I are racing them in the rose planting (which was going a little slow).  Low and behold the post driller breaks again -what? who is against us?? – this time in a different place.  I had to laugh because when the men talk about’s a Grunt..grunt.. manly sort of day in a frustrating proud sort of way! Broke the post driller twice!  And to answer the question above, apparently at least twice in a man’s lifetime 🙂


Just love this picture…pretty darn cool!

Off he went to weld one more time, and in the meantime Tim & Jana predrilled the holes for the stakes on the last row.  Check them out!!!  Oh yes…that’s her – placing the auger and my father-in-law positioning and providing instruction.  I watched them work from the rose planting area, feeling pretty darn amazed, amused and lucky…and have to admit…I may have cracked a smile when they exchanged a few frustrated moments with each other.  It was such a pleasure to have them working along side of us.


The last stake – worthy of a celebration!!!

Justin soon back and away they went.  Justin drilled the last stake on Sunday at 4:07 pm!  AND THAT my friends is worthy of a celebration!

They won the race they didn’t know they were in!  Our consolation prize was their help with planting the last 3-4 roses.


Giving it a little extra love!


Last rose of the day!

The last rose was planted at 4:30!

Yay!!! Today WE conquered!!!

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