Day 0 – And So the Loco Crazy Begins…

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by
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Well,  today is not THE day it ALL began, but it feels like it is the official day it begins.  Today we commit with manual labor.  We are loading up for the “Spring Break Adventure” of putting in 2 acres of wine grapes…this should be fun right?!!!  Right kids??

Duke II

We are really going to do this?

From this point forward, we put our preliminary plans into action.  We have hours upon hours of planning, budgeting, scheming and dreaming.  Much which took place over many glasses of wine (solely research I promise!), late nights reading books, scanning websites, discussions with consultants, experts and concerned family members.  We’ve prayed quietly throughout the process.  We’ve discussed all that has come across our screen, including the considerations of the naysayers and those who have indicated some concerned about our mental health 🙂  Yes – we know who you are and your raised eyebrows have not gone unnoticed!

As of today, the wire and stakes are ordered and on the way, vines are selected and almost secured, lots of loose ends are still to be determined as we head up the hill to get this project rolling!

Tomorrow we will begin our presentation of “Spring Break Fun!” (our kids are totally buying it!) What could be any more fun than preparing a field to plant 1,500 grape vines for the beginning of Our Family Vineyard????!

Oh yes, that’s the kind of loco crazy that goes on in our lives!



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