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Day 26 Knick Knack Hustle

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by
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Cleaning up the dirt work after sprinkler line installation...and more exciting is the sprinklers are working!! It's awesome how happy these water marks on ground make us. Who wants to run through the vineyard sprinklers?

It's starting to creep up on us -  the feeling of many little tasks piling up.  Usually I don't Continue reading the story "Day 26 Knick Knack Hustle"

Tick Tock Tick…

Posted on: July 1st, 2014 by

DSC_0358 Where we enjoy our evenings if we have the chance to call it quits early enough. This tree is 22' in diameter and the view of the fields and Agua Fria River Tree line make for a place you like to sit back with a drink and soak it all in. Ready for a Continue reading the story "Tick Tock Tick…"

Day 24. 25. Hopping Good Time!

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by
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Dad and son carry the lines. Of course our trusty and faithful Duke II is keeping a close watch on the kids.

It was a happening and hopping good time this weekend...sprinkler installation and more importantly Easter!  We installed the pvc lines for sprinklers Friday, Saturday and Monday.  We took Sunday off to enjoy our Continue reading the story "Day 24. 25. Hopping Good Time!"

Days 22 & 23 – Monster’s Roar!

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by
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How are we going to dig the trenches?... his response simply put. "The Monster."
Meet our very own Vineyard Engineer!

Bucket by beats a shovel any day!

So off we go to carry out the action plan carefully designed by our top vineyard Continue reading the story "Days 22 & 23 – Monster’s Roar!"

Day 21 – For Frosty Days.

Posted on: June 22nd, 2014 by
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Here it is Friday again! The week flew by with work, work projects, kids school, events all the usual that goes into our "week days". Among the normal week day tasks, we are working nearly every night after tucking the kids in on what's next, item lists, etc (that is if we can manage to keep our eyes open :). This week, Justin spent many evenings on Continue reading the story "Day 21 – For Frosty Days."

Clear As Sauvignon – Q&A’s.

Posted on: June 18th, 2014 by
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Sometimes our adventures get more into our story than the actual vineyard details.  For any one that's interested in the real meat and's the answers to  a few common questions: Q. What kind of grapes are you planting? A. We planted Cabernet Sauvignon. Depending on the reason for questioning, you may be interested to know it's on rootstock 1103P Clone 4.  Without giving away too much information for a future blog, Continue reading the story "Clear As Sauvignon – Q&A’s."

Day 20.2 – Stake Slayer Conquers

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My Love!

The sun is shining and this train is a rollin'!!! We keep our heads down getting the work done.  The roses will be planted by the end of the day and there are 6 rows of stakes left...we will conquer! It's 10 AM and a set of parents pull in.  Did they really hear our inner cries???  They have come to Continue reading the story "Day 20.2 – Stake Slayer Conquers"

Day 20 – Dream Smarter.

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On Saturday the kids and I worked for 10 hours digging 22 holes in rocky soils. It's farmland, so naturally it seemed reasonable for us to dig the holes with a shovel - what's 22 holes right? The only problem: it's Sunday morning and I am a tired pup and Justin is worn out.  Sadly, neither of us are inching out of body. aches. The kids are tired, I Continue reading the story "Day 20 – Dream Smarter."

Day 19.2 Finding Humor & Talents!

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And the stake project's getting there and it's looking like there's an end in sight!

One of the fun elements of the vineyard is being on the OBC (Old Black Canyon Highway).  The awesome West Neighbors had us up for dinner tonight and that's when we realized - WOW what a great view they have of Continue reading the story "Day 19.2 Finding Humor & Talents!"

Day 19 – Best Day Ever!

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This is when Tate shouted "Best Day Ever!". I hope they will always know what makes them simply happy!

  "Best day ever!!" is what I hear my kids say as they're smiling ear to ear this morning. Again we borrowed the neighbors mule cart to run back and forth in the field. The previous evening we Continue reading the story "Day 19 – Best Day Ever!"