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Day 6 – Digging To China!

Posted on: May 29th, 2014 by
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Justin & Tate running the tape (with the help of Duke & Wendy)


Tate & Kiwi taking a rest from measuring!

Today we prepared for the next step in the installation - the water system.  We had to make the decision of where Continue reading the story "Day 6 – Digging To China!"

Today We Rest & Play Some More!

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Super cute and happy kids + one phone bomber!

Day 6 of the consecutive Spring Break Vineyard Installation Retreat!  It was time and a requirement that the family have a reprieve.  Actually, Dad had to go to meetings at his "real job" and every Spring Break needs a trip to the zoo!  So Continue reading the story "Today We Rest & Play Some More!"

Day 5 – These Guys Are Amazing!

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One of my besties coming to participate!

The good vibes were rolling first thing this morning (and apparently my camera was too because I have lots of good pics!). The crew had breakfast, knew what was to be done.  Needed to finish up the holes, start cementing in the pipes and it was obvious it Continue reading the story "Day 5 – These Guys Are Amazing!"

Day 4 – I’d Say It Was A Good Day!

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As we sit motionless in bed on the evening of Day 3, our tired pillow conversation went something like this: "What time do you think your Dad and brother will be here?" "Well he said they're leaving the farm yard at 6am, so that puts them here around 8" (Silence) We were scrambling to figure out how to get the vineyard laid out before our work crew showed up.  In my mental-mental state I try Continue reading the story "Day 4 – I’d Say It Was A Good Day!"

Day 3 – No Prob We Got This!

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Day 2 we made some serious progress and we were feeling pretty good when we laid our weary heads down last night.  I kept hearing "today was a good day" in my head.  We woke up to tackle Day 3, knowing we had a few - very doable - things to get done before Big Day 4 when the family work crew is to arrive.  Continue reading the story "Day 3 – No Prob We Got This!"

Day 2 – My Happy Place

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DSC_0083Weeks before this installation the Mr. named the Mrs. the Project Manager (PM) of vineyard installation....half joking at first, it then turned in to a reason to point the finger to the one in charge or why something went wrong or maybe just if someone didn't want to make the final decision...I have a feeling the joke Continue reading the story "Day 2 – My Happy Place"

Day 1 – I Hear The Train A Comin’

Posted on: May 14th, 2014 by
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Gettin' it done!

Some fancy farm engineering going on here...getting it done!

Are we there yet???  This is part of the fun right?!  We will call THIS Day 1, because yesterday ended up turning into a long day of loading and loading and loading more "things" that were needed.  Finally by 9 pm we decided it Continue reading the story "Day 1 – I Hear The Train A Comin’"

Day 0 – And So the Loco Crazy Begins…

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by
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Well,  today is not THE day it ALL began, but it feels like it is the official day it begins.  Today we commit with manual labor.  We are loading up for the "Spring Break Adventure" of putting in 2 acres of wine grapes...this should be fun right?!!!  Right kids??

Duke II We are really Continue reading the story "Day 0 – And So the Loco Crazy Begins…"