Day 1 – I Hear The Train A Comin’

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Gettin' it done!

Some fancy farm engineering going on here…getting it done!

Are we there yet???  This is part of the fun right?!  We will call THIS Day 1, because yesterday ended up turning into a long day of loading and loading and loading more “things” that were needed.  Finally by 9 pm we decided it was best to just head out in the morning.

But today..yes today is THE DAY!

Today we pulled out of the drive way on our journey.  Wait did we forget something????  Truck, trailer, Yukon, dump trailer, bob cat, implements, rolls of drip line, bags, shovels, hoses, bikes, etc, etc, etc. Mom’s “Girls Truck” has her loyal companion Kiwi, plus 3 excited girls, and well of course – the girls would not let us forget –  Mama cat Captain & her 4 kittens acheter viagra pour homme.

I tried to forget the kittens...the girls wouldn't let me!

I tried to forget the kittens…the girls wouldn’t let me!

Dad’s “Boys Truck” is filled 2 excited strapped in boys, Wendy & Duke(pictured in Day 0).

Before we head up the hill we stopped to see Grandma as she recovers.  She is a VIP in our lives, always straightens us out when we need it and gives us the wind in the sails that we need.  She is a true inspiration…the real deal.

DSC_0053We quickly grab lunch at the nearest place conducive to trucks, trailers, dogs, cats, kittens, kids and well…just us.  I’ll admit that Chick-fil-a found us pretty comical, even had some help getting food out to the car from the nice employees wondering what in the world??

Finally by noon we are on the road and headed up the hill.  Yay!!! Only 20 miles away from home and already 4 hours into our adventure!


Parking spots smarking pots…

I try to recreate this picture, because some day far down the road my kids will be teasing us about these times…and I want proof that they really did love it!  Honestly, we laugh about it too since it’s a good cross between Christopher Columbus setting sail and Jed Clampet pulling into Beverly Hills….somewhere in there lies our Vineyard Journey!


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