Day 10 – Wow Friday Came Quick!

Posted on: June 4th, 2014 by
Comments Requested

So we hit the offices Monday through Friday for me and Tuesday through Friday for Justin.  It’s back to life as we know it.  Work, phone calls, conference calls, projects, deadlines, kids activities, projects, run club, guitar, fiddle, dance, homework.  Friday comes very quickly this week.  In many ways the vineyard project is motivational for both of us, we get our work done so we can go up and play.

However, here it is Friday and it just seems like we can’t get it all done.  After Justin picks up the bobcat and trailer, and I’m struggling to get all of our other miscellaneous loaded…have to tell the truth…we’re exhausted from the weeks events which ended with a funeral… tonight we decide it’s best just to go up in the morning.


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