Day 11 – Lost Key On I-17 Call If Found!

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We arrive to the site mid morning at full steam ahead and start to unload.  Only one problem – the key to the skidsteer apparently wiggled it’s way out and has found a resting place somewhere in Central Arizona.  Just another unanticipated delay.  Hmm… here we go.  After looking in every nook and cranny, that’s an AFFIRMATIVE TOWER…key is lost.

Next options – find a dealer for a replacement OR purchase a new ignition OR try to hot wire it.  Well, the hot wire option was aborted after  a 15 minute attempt.  So Justin went into town to find a replacement key and also purchased a new ignition to change out.  In the meantime, I cleaned up the house, finish unloading, and visited with the neighbor the “not so fun” days events.  Hard to believe, but she mentioned they may have a key.  It turns out the neighbor has a key… and THANK GOODNESS he does!  In no time the skid steer was up and running!IMG_20140322_141901_252

You may get tired of hearing this…but have I mentioned that our neighbors are amazing!!!  Well if not, here it goes again, they are amazing in so many ways!  They put us back on track in no time with just a little key!  Not to mention that over the week, while we were gone, they backfilled another portion of the trench for us.  So so kind.

IMG_20140322_142035_951Saturday afternoon we were a power team!!! Justin worked the skid steer and I worked down in the trench with a shovel.  The trick was to backfill at least 6″ on the pipe with good dirt & no rocks (which was a little tricky) to help compact it.  A precautionary step, so when the skidsteer backfilled with the rocky dirt, it didn’t puncture or break the pipe.  We figured out a pretty handy system that I worked the trench with shovel and compacted, while he backfilled.  I think I had the better view!

Our only hiccup was when we tried to straighten one of the water valve lines.  Apparently it was already strained and decided a break 5′ down would be a good lesson.  Saturday night the trench was backfilled, with the exception of the break, so off to town we went to get the parts.

Yay to the yummy delicious Lucky’s BBQ place down the road for filling the need for dinner (more than once) on this vineyard adventure!

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