Day 12 – A Lot At Stake!

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What a great morning view!


Andretti or Stuart…pretending on the turns!

It’s time to get the dirt leveled out and get this show on the road! I don’t even have to say “pick me! pick me!”  when it comes to tractor driving…Justin knows it’s my favorite thing to do!  So I leveled out the trench area and then the area behind the house. …no not planting grapes there….I guess I felt like Forest Gump when he “just keeps run -Ning” well I “just keep driv -Ving!”.  In the mean time, Justin worked on getting the valve fixed. Justin came to get me to put the “Dream Team back together”…well actually to remind me where my help was needed!   We strung the string, measured out the 18′ between stakes and started driving stakes.


First stake!

To put this into perspective we have 22 rows, each of which have 60-65 vines…and three vines between each stake… so somewhere between 20-23 stakes per row…easy right??


Getting started.

Our super awesome neighbors were cooking an amazing lunch (I just have to brag since it’s not every day you get short ribs, salads, ice tea and homemade tapioca pudding for lunch)! We worked up to the last minute to attend lunch and then  we found our kids had decided to play in the mud and were covered!  So we had to bathe them and clean them up before heading to the neighbors for lunch. IMG_20140323_154751_267

At that point we had 4 stakes in the ground and it was looking good.  We fine tuned the stake process and ended the day with Row 1 of stakes completed!

Yes we were happy!

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