Day 13 – All Stake No Play!

Posted on: June 4th, 2014 by
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Tape is pulled, mule is loaded, stake pounding begins!

Justin stayed up to continue pounding posts through Monday.  Our good friend joined him and they worked through out the day.  I don’t think one can really appreciate the physical energy required and the toll it takes on a body by pounding stakes.  It’s one of those “club” things, once you’ve done it you understand, the ringing in the ears, the teeth clink, joint jarring feeling acquistare levitra generico.  Although I must say it can be a good way to get out any frustration one may be having!

Installing the stakes goes something like this:

1. Tape is pulled and 18′ spans are marked along the row.

2. Mule or truck is loaded with 22 stakes for entire row and lined up over the top of the tape headed down the row.


Checking the angle… doing the best we can!

3. Every 18 feet a stake is set, pounded a few times (usually 3), then stop to check with level.

4. Once adjusted for straightness (is that a word?), pounding continues. (hopefully no rocks are hit and you move on to the next stake).

Seems easy right???  Just….500 and something more to go…


Starting to get exciting!!!

Aghhheeemmm… today I must brag on these two boys, together they installed 4 more rows…or over 100+ stakes!!   That was in addition to making a trip to town to buy a saddle, stop by Tractor Supply and gather some parts.

Good work boys, good work 🙂

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