Day 15. 16. 17. – Weary Be We!

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A hard days work!

Here we are again, Saturday, Sunday, Monday the saga continues, stake after stake after stake.  In all honesty, the weekend felt discombobulated, many things are showing signs of neglect – friends, family, school, house, etc.  What comes to mind is Karyn saying in the Dory voice “…just keep swimming…just keep swimming…”  (THANK YOU to every single one of you who have shown us a little grace during this time.)


Communications of a Vineyard Installation Team!

We managed to make it through the weekend.  Justin did most of the installation, while I had to get a few work inspections knocked out.  Here is our text from Monday – Day 17 which shows the progress!

So why no rest for the weary? As we try to stay positive along every step, we are constantly pushing towards a May planting(Note the date of text March 30th – ekk!).

Why such a rush?  We  truly  started  trotting down the vineyard research ally June to November…and got more serious from December to February…at that point we had to decide 2014, 2015 or pick another crop…we chose 2014.  We had our doubters as to whether we could accomplish the installation in 4 months…but they don’t know us.

So why a May planting?  The vines need to be in the ground in May  It’s important for the health of the vineyard, grapes, future crops and our investment   This helps reduce our investment risk by increasing the chances of more successful productive vines –  it establishes the planting at the best time for the climate specific to the site.  (follow that???).  Farming in general is risky, but we’re planting grapes in an area that’s never had a vineyard.  We have a lot of risk to address…so we’re trying to reduce as much as we can.  Excluding the financial technicalities…we think it’s the best time to plant.

It’s true – there’s no snowball chance in Arizona’s summer desert that we will be prepared to plant before May.  However, there is a javalina hair’s slim chance by working every available day we will be ready by early May – and that’s what we’re striving for – only excellence my friends!  We have a significant amount of work scheduled into a short amount of time and we are – really Justin – is still pounding stakes…day after day after day.

…and that is why there is no rest for the weary.

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