Day 18 – Giddy Squeal “Roses!”

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The kids were struggling with the half empty/half full cup concept and which perspective gives a happier day, so I brought up the rose example.  Asking if a rose is a thorn bush with pretty flowers on it, or if it is a flower bush with thorns on it?  I am happy to report the two older agreed a flower bush, while the youngest as a matter of fact informed me “God shouldn’t make it with thorns”. Ha ha Dean… good point, but you’ll have to take that up with Him!  This reminded me…we need roses for the vineyard.

This post is written with great appreciation for Justin’s parents and their friends the “Rose Growers”.  Unnamed (unless they give the ok).

Monday we discussed the roses and the fact we need 44 of them.  In the back of our minds we were thinking we could do this mid summer or after the grape planting.  Trying to think ahead a bit, and knowing we would probably buy out Home Depot’s stock, Justin asked his Dad if he thought his Rose Grower friend might be willing to sell them in bulk to us?

Tuesday, Justin’s Dad called to let us know the Rose Grower would have 60 roses bundled for us waiting for pick up on Thursday!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  It just so happens the roses are being harvested this week. A week later and he wouldn’t have had any.


These will be the triumphant warriors of bugs and fungus for the vineyard!

Justin’s Dad picked them up Thursday afternoon, we stored them in our garage, kept them wet.  They were bare root bundles that were in 2 large garbage bags. Instructions were to plant them as soon as possible, keep them as wet as possible in the meantime, and once in the ground keep them wet for 4-6 weeks.

I have to admit, I was really excited to plant roses with the kids (especially 44!! who gets to do that!??!)  Grandma R. had a rose garden, which I cherished and admired when I was a kid.  One of those soft spots for me, rose bushes always remind me of Grandma R.

Now the weekend ahead is planned for driving stakes AND planting roses – Yay!  I’m happy that our roses have a story to share. Thank you to Tim and the Rose Growers.  We are so very grateful – let’s hope the first bottle of wine is good enough to drink.  Not only are we very appreciative of the roses, but the week’s events added the much needed wind in our sails!  Thank you.

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