Day 19.2 Finding Humor & Talents!

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And the stake project continues…it’s getting there and it’s looking like there’s an end in sight!

One of the fun elements of the vineyard is being on the OBC (Old Black Canyon Highway).  The awesome West Neighbors had us up for dinner tonight and that’s when we realized – WOW what a great view they have of the vineyard (they live up on a hill).  That led us to realize how much entertainment we must provide them on the typically quiet stretch of the OBC….  Ummm.. then we slowly came to realize that they can probably hear our disagreements, see our mistakes and frustrating moments… (ughhhh glad they’re friends)!

Today Justin was on a roll and pounded 4 rows, which is a true feat in most any man’s opinion.  However, there was one stake that wouldn’t go in because of a large rock. Since he was on a roll and exhausted, he just tied a bag to it knowing he would need to go back and fix it. As we enjoyed the dinner & drinks, we stared down upon the vineyard project and that bag blowing in the breeze. The joke for the evening was that Justin decided to surrender and that was his white flag. While the joke is not nearly as funny now, it’s worth sharing because those who are watching the stake project day after day after day –  have had plenty of empathy for Justin’s hard work.

I must also share the fun of adding a new expert to our team today!  Riley is our official Vineyard Rose Specialist.  Looks like her G. Grandma R. and farming roots are coming through in her, because she  truly showed a love with the roses today.


Our Vineyard Rose Specialist!!!

She has a knack for  identifying the roses (Queen Elizabeth & Mr. Lincoln)   and which color (Red or Pink)should be on what row (Odds or Evens), and whether the holes had been filled or the roses had been watered, etc.  Today was fun and productive, in all honesty the boys and I would have been a mess without her.  Meet our Vineyard Rose Specialist Riley!


Queen Elizabeth… Riley kept reminding us because we kept calling them “Queen Mary’s”


Mr. Lincoln – Riley kept me straight when I called it the “President One” I don’t think she understood the reasoning!

As we continue to grow and our kids continue to grow we hope that we each find interests in this project to use our talents and gifts.  I think today Riley may have found one of hers!

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