Day 19 – Best Day Ever!

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This is when Tate shouted “Best Day Ever!”. I hope they will always know what makes them simply happy!


“Best day ever!!” is what I hear my kids say as they’re smiling ear to ear this morning. Again we borrowed the neighbors mule cart to run back and forth in the field. The previous evening we filled up a blue dog pool to soak the roses…hey blue dog pools can be classy rose containers – oh yes keeping it classy!

Bright and early this morning we woke the kids up…because “yay” right?? “YAY” today we are planting roses as a family!  It’s all about attitude because that is THE only explanation I have for how we convince them it was going to be a GREAT day!


Riley filling up the rose buckets, one color on the left the other in the right.

Anticipating the potential sighs, I was pleasantly surprised when they were excited to help! We loaded up the cart with shovels, roses, buckets, hoses and ourselves (Hats, sunscreen, water, snacks and all) and headed out to the field.  We took the approach that it is the least we can do is get the roses planted while Daddy continues to install the stakes (which is the honest truth)!


Tate’s first shot at driving…could have had a little to do with the “best day ever” thing!

Our first task was to decide how far to plant the roses from the end posts…..geez these decisions are tougher than one might think! We hemmed and hawed for some time.  In the end we were very very technical…Tate and I found a 2×4 that had been cut, it seemed about right and worked great as a measuring stick…so you guessed it – that is what we went with!   Highly technical and it worked (later I wished we would have went another 6″-12″ or so from the posts).


Miss Riley – today she earned her title Rose Specialist – more details to follow!


What kind of a day is it unless you’re playing in the dirt??

Saturday’s timecard showed that the three kids and I dug 22 holes, filled with water, planted the roses, pink, then red, then pink, then red.


Someone was not happy about stepping in a hole filled with water!

Ummm but wait??? Which one is pink and which one is red?? Which one is in which bucket? And which one was refilled?  Ahgghhhaa…planting roses with 3 helpers is not for the weak minded. We’ll see when they bloom, but I would bet we have a few mixed up…there are some things I just had to let go.

Realizing that this was my kid’s “Best Day Ever” was enough for me to recognize – however the roses turn out – they will be perfect!


Beginning of Saturday – Rose Planting 101!


End of Saturday – Rose Planting 101 A+

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