Day 20 – Dream Smarter.

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On Saturday the kids and I worked for 10 hours digging 22 holes in rocky soils. It’s farmland, so naturally it seemed reasonable for us to dig the holes with a shovel – what’s 22 holes right?

The only problem: it’s Sunday morning and I am a tired pup and Justin is worn out.  Sadly, neither of us are inching out of bed…my. body. aches. The kids are tired, I am tired, Justin is exhausted…we are all tuckered out. As I lay in bed “thinking” about the remaining 22 holes on the north side to dig, my mind drifts to Costa Rica…Hawaii…places to escape!  Then focus sways towards the fact the north side of the vineyard has even rockier soils and I only have a small % of the energy left that I had the day before…  Costa Rica cialis online… Hawaii… rain forest…sandy beaches sighhh….oh wait… the roses HAVE to be planted today.  Yes, it’s a mess in my mind as I struggle with what lies ahead (I could sure use some coffee)…but then it hits me…hey wait a minute…the neighbor’s tractor has an auger???!  What? Why didn’t I think of this before??!!  And that – right there – is genius work – especially in the grand scheme of where my mind was at a few minutes prior!  I have a renewed energy!

And so the day started out with some much needed mechanical assistance. The auger is an appreciated addition to the work fleet to drill the 22 rose holes. Tate was my wingman for the day.  Justin was busy with the stakes, so I really needed Tate’s help, and actually couldn’t have done it without him.  I could see Tate digesting the progress we were making because of our “new digger” and I enjoyed seeing his sense of pride and accomplishment in getting the task done.  I was so very proud of him, but also thankful I had his help today.


Working together, we got it done!

The Good Book says we are designed to work.  Some may argue (like 1/3 of the US population) but we believe work is good for us, manual work is a good thing, letting people, kids, put in a good days work provides the pathway to developing many of the great leaders and problem solvers of this world.  Embarrassingly – I should have thought of the auger sooner (yes that doesn’t prove my point very well) however Saturday served it’s very meaningful purpose and Sunday we improved and worked a little smarter.


He was running a low grade fever today, but insisted on helping. 

It was a treasured day to watch Tate make a difference with his hard work and see his sense of accomplishment.  We rocked it – you rocked it Tate!

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