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DSC_0083Weeks before this installation the Mr. named the Mrs. the Project Manager (PM) of vineyard installation….half joking at first, it then turned in to a reason to point the finger to the one in charge or why something went wrong or maybe just if someone didn’t want to make the final decision…I have a feeling the joke may get old!


Justin getting started on moving the fence.

First on the “Project Management” list is to move about 50′ of the southwest portion of the fence.  While it’s not much fence, it allows us the ability to plant an additional row.  This helps to maximize the number of rows in the field (major note – layout is not as easy as it sounds…TBC in a future blog).

Justin started moving the fence early Sunday morning, while I took the kids to church.DSC_0083DSC_0082 - Copy  After church and lunch, the fence work continued.  HERE is where I must let all the readers know that you will probably hear continuous hints of contention when it comes to the layout.  It really is not as easy as it looks (have I said that before?).  There were numerous spans of time that added up to many hours (time we didn’t really have) of discussion and walk downs of the layout.  This delayed the fence move project for part of the day.

I am a researcher to suffice the need to analyze scenarios, risk, success rates, and I enjoy strategy, especially when it comes to business… or really anything.  In my head, results have a reason (right or wrong) and should make sense, otherwise you haven’t thought hard enough on it (Dutch Grandpa’s upbringing right there!)….okay my close friends (and frienemies) you can stop laughing now!   Because the better half is an engineer and if it doesn’t match up with the auto cad sketch then there really isn’t a reason and we should just get started.  Together we’re funny in a very nerdy way!

Soooo…. when it comes to laying out a vineyard…this type of mindset & couples therapy proved to be a bit of a struggle at times.

and now…Back to our day – by mid afternoon, after a few excruciating hours of vineyard layout discussion,  the Mr. kindly suggested to the Mrs. that she start disking the field.

My Happy Place!

My Happy Place!


World’s cutest tractor & our youngest tractor enthusiast!

This is probably silly to some, but on the seat of a tractor, plowing, disking, baling what ever it is… it is my happy place – a true happy place. DSC_0093 I enjoyed every minute of disking the 2 acres with the cutest little tractor you’ve ever seen!


Lefty and the Kids playing.

Throughout the day, the kids worked with us and played and most importantly they were outside all day.  Building a fort, riding Lefty (horse), running, playing, digging, riding on tractor, playing with the dogs.  To me, we couldn’t have given them a better playground to start their Spring Break.  I believe there is something about the freedom of space that fills a kid’s soul, they found it today(another happy place in my heart)!





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