Day 21 – For Frosty Days.

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Here it is Friday again! The week flew by with work, work projects, kids school, events all the usual that goes into our “week days”. Among the normal week day tasks, we are working nearly every night after tucking the kids in on what’s next, item lists, etc (that is if we can manage to keep our eyes open :). This week, Justin spent many evenings on auto cad running different scenarios on the sprinkler engineering.


We’ve arrived at Friday and away we go back up the hill to start the next phase…. sprinklers!

Sprinklers you ask? Why sprinklers? Is that what you’re irrigating the grapes with? No….the sprinklers are a considerable cost for hopefully something we never have to use.

As mentioned before there are lots of risks in a vineyard, but in very BIG ones are: the risk for a late frost in the spring and an early frost in the fall. These are concerns because if the plant buds out and a frost comes along, it can wipe out the complete crop for the year….major bummer!

On the harvest end, the fruit may be set and time is ticking waiting for the right time to pick. If a frost comes along, it can damage the fruit, damage the crop…and end up with “no bueno” grapes which results in “no bueno” wine….another major bummer!

The sprinklers are not a cure all for this problem, but they do provide for some protection. The theory is that with enough coverage from the sprinklers, if they run during a “frost” event, the movement from the airflow reduces the frost point down a notch or two (or warms the vineyard up a notch or two). Sometimes 1-2 degrees is all you need to help protect the buds or crop. Sometimes it isn’t.

With quite a bit of consideration and still considering other alternatives, we chose to install the sprinkler system. Ultimately we felt it added enough ammo in our risk arsenal to offset the cost of the investment.

So…off we go to install a sprinkler system.

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