Days 22 & 23 – Monster’s Roar!

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How are we going to dig the trenches?… his response simply put. “The Monster.”

Meet our very own Vineyard Engineer!

Bucket by bucket…it beats a shovel any day!

So off we go to carry out the action plan carefully designed by our top vineyard engineer.  Dig dig dig…4 trenches down the length of the vineyard rows. The Monster runs the row like a cat on a mouse, 10′ wide rows – perfect. Ten feet sounds like it would be plenty, but digging and swinging the arm to dump the dirt can get a little cramped.  Maybe once or twice the back end of the Monster caught a stake that I had to go back and straighten up…roar…it’s a monster!

Justin took a day off for a bachelor party this weekend (yes we do get to have a little fun).  He started Saturday morning, then I worked Saturday to Sunday and he finished up strong Sunday and Monday.  All together we conquered the four trenches.  In all fairness my trench was far too deep, zig zagged and maybe a little wide in areas (and it took me 3x as long).  I was kind of a disaster trench digger.  However, I will own that I got the Monster turned off and on by myself, which does require some fancy lever trigger work under the hood :).


Width between the rows is 10′. The trench was dug closer to the row of stakes the sprinklers are running up

Another weekend down and another task complete!

Just so we don’t appear to be “too” dreamy, it’s probably good to share that the “what comes first?” question has been beat to death in this project.  It may appear this is going in like a large hobby (it’s all fun right?!)…don’t worry my friends… there’s lots going on “pre game” that involves details, financials, (dis)agreements, more research, etc, plenty of the  not-so-dreamy things

The sprinkler decision had quite a few “what comes first??”.  We could have installed the lines prior to stakes, and maybe on the next installation we will.  It was better for us to come back and trench the lines after the stakes were in.  Mainly because of the unknowns…where to put them?  enough water? enough pressure? is $$ worth it?  If there’s one thing we’re NOT good at…it’s making a quick decision.  Agreed – decisions are painful some days!


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