Day 24. 25. Hopping Good Time!

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Dad and son carry the lines. Of course our trusty and faithful Duke II is keeping a close watch on the kids.

It was a happening and hopping good time this weekend…sprinkler installation and more importantly Easter!  We installed the pvc lines for sprinklers Friday, Saturday and Monday.  We took Sunday off to enjoy our time with family and friends.  It was our first Easter spent in Dewey.  While we missed being with our larger extended family, our neighbors invited us over and apparently the Easter Bunny left a trail of clues that took the kids on a HUGE scavenger hunt!  It was a memorable Easter.


Chloe (my parent’s Golden child) was not happy about installing sprinkler line while we babysat her this weekend. She pretty much acted like she had been abandoned the whole weekend.

We were able to tag team this stage of the project.  For the most part the kids and I spread the lines out across the field.  Stephanie dug out a portion of the trench and Justin stayed in the trenches gluing the lines.  As he started to get the lines glued, it was obvious that we needed to backfill some of the trenches.  The long span of pipe and the various depths of the trench was putting strain on the pipe.  More so it was impacting the position of where the sprinkler line is to come out of the ground.


Love this boy and love this picture with the sun shining on him! He is so happy in dirt!

So while Justin continued to glue the lines, we went back and hand shoveled in the dirt. We had our fabulous sidekick Stephanie along to help us make some headway.


Dean is checking the lines Daddy installed.

By Monday the lines were in!  Another successful weekend…which is good because it’s about time to schedule the delivery of the vines – eek it’s about to get exciting!


Filling the dirt in with Papa supervising.


Where’s Justin??? Yes if you look close you will find him!




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