Tick Tock Tick…

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Where we enjoy our evenings if we have the chance to call it quits early enough. This tree is 22′ in diameter and the view of the fields and Agua Fria River Tree line make for a place you like to sit back with a drink and soak it all in. Ready for a backyard party?

Time is not slowing down for us!!!  Field prepared, end posts, trunk lines, stakes, sprinkler lines -yep- all installed….check, check, check, so what’s next???   We are to the middle of April and only a few weeks left in the target planting season (and even that may be a little late).  It’s time to get a move on!


Trench dug for sprinkler line – Check!


Sprinkler line installed & trench filled in – Check!

Penciling it all out… how are we going to get 1,500 holes drilled, a few other details taken care of AND whether we should order the vines yet???  Always keeping in mind that we need to schedule delivery 2 weeks in advance.  We’ve got one weekend committed in the valley for a good friend’s  wedding and an annual school fundraiser.  So if my math is correct –  2 weekends remaining before ideal planting time MINUS 1 weekend of commitments in the valley….that EQUALS one full weekend left to get it all done….hemmm.


Tap tap tap…


We find ourselves in a little predicament.

With the little dilemma on our hands of how to get all the holes predrilled for the planting and only 2 1/2 weeks left, it’s down to crunch time.  Chatting with my brother we work out a deal to hire him to drill the holes,  together we discuss it seems like an easy enough task, auger on bobcat, move through vineyard drilling holes, takes some talent, but no one else I’d trust more than him.  Sounds good, easy, right? Yep. Yep.  Yep…hopefully.

As far as scheduling – we lucked out they had a lull in work, so it’s a win-win on both sides.  We get the extra help and we can pay their payroll for a few days.  However, he can’t start till after the friend’s wedding, which puts the hole drilling in the last remaining week before planting.  It is what it is at this point, and I’m thankful for it!  I will admit at this point we can feel the pressure starting to rise as the planting draws near.

So what’s left?  Predrill of the holes, install wire for trellis, install drip line, emitters, spaghetti lines,  fill holes with water and nutrients, make certain irrigation system is working and can handle irrigation, and a number of “things” on the list for preparing to plant.   Seems doable…as long as we don’t focus on the many parts associated with each of these.  So we just won’t!  It’s getting exciting and fun.  Feels like we’ve qualified for the Kentucky Derby, now just getting ourselves all prepped so we can be on the top of our game for the race køb viagra online danmark!

With the hole drilling on the schedule and the drip line installation penciled in, we are now able to schedule the vine delivery.  It looks like the first full week of May has a big target on it!!!  Yippeee!!!



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