Day 26 Knick Knack Hustle

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Cleaning up the dirt work after sprinkler line installation…and more exciting is the sprinklers are working!! It’s awesome how happy these water marks on ground make us. Who wants to run through the vineyard sprinklers?

It’s starting to creep up on us –  the feeling of many little tasks piling up.  Usually I don’t recognize this feeling until it’s the weight of an elephant, house, mountain…well you get the point, but I’ve convinced myself this is normal…this is normal.

Yes, we have the major infrastructure in but still plenty of tasks we intentionally set aside.  Most of the tasks at hand are ones we knew we could finish up at a later time, in order to keep on schedule.  Such as putting the actual sprinklers heads on the lines, putting the drip line in to the roses, installing the irrigation timer on the roses, and just basic clean up of the vineyard, yard and house. A full week and a half before we can move forward on installation tasks…pppsshh no time for relaxing…so we turn to the little tasks.

The welcomed results of knocking out the little tasks is they help polish the project and can give a great big sense of accomplishment! We held off on sprinkler heads partly because we wanted to do more research (radius, diameter, flow, reliability) but we had to let that go and went with a readily available head so we can replace them in future as needed, made the decision, installed and moved on.  It was a playful afternoon when the sprinklers first ran.  Wish I had more pictures as Dean tried to dodge the sprinklers as he ran through the vineyard…well I may have ran with him a little too!


So refreshing in so many ways!

Also a great relief – Justin installed the drip line and timer on the roses.  This was a welcomed addition to the whole OBC community. When we first planted we were watering by hand each individual rose (that’s 44 roses) for the first week.  Then Justin rigged up a temporary drip line contraption so we could turn it on, unplug it and it would water (good enough), then switch the hose to each side for next watering.  Our neighbors kindly did this for us during the week.  So the new drip line, no leaks, full pressure, emitters and a very easy to use timer…Priceless (or at least worth every penny spent at Home Depot!) for the whole community!


Such a beautiful day for a drip line and timer install…even the horses thought it was a jolly good show!

Cheers to a little extra time and the knick knack hustle!

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