Day 27 – Saweet Dear Brother.

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It’s Tuesday!!  Today my brother headed out to drill the vine holes with bobcat in tow.  I am laughing a little as I write this, just thinking of our naïve thoughts on how long it may take to punch or drill 1,500 holes.  Today he headed out anticipating that it would take 2 days… 3 AT THE MOST to get the job done.  We never thought to stop and calculate it – I guess we’re usually pretty good at estimating?  Usually.


Started on the west side of the property with Rows 1 & 2 working left – right.


He arrived early morning to get started and got about 13 to 14 holes drilled when a hydraulic hose thing-a-ma-jigger started leaking.  No choice but to fix it since it would be a long couple of days with constant hydraulic splatter.  So off he goes, surely there is a place with bobcat/hydraulic parts somewhere in the greater Prescott metroplex?  Surely?  After striking out with the common establishments, he went to the heavy construction dealers, their service departments, a number of one man shops…nothing.  Really?  Maybe we should be considering a Bobcat dealer instead of a vineyard?!

After chasing a part all day, it turns out the part he needs is about 5 miles up the road from our farm (100 miles from him).  I give him a ton of credit for his patience and attitude, just another day for him.   For ease of part/need explanation he had my other brother picked it up (smart boys), who then handed it off to me and away we went to deliver the part.  I arrived about 6:30 with part in hand to find him sitting on his tailgate with his dog Missy.  Later on I find out he had weeded all around the house & courtyard, cleaned up the creek, tested out the 4wd on Ranger 😉 and had dinner made… just waiting on me.  Saaweet dear brother!


Sether’s tackled the weeds and trash pick up in creek while waiting on the part…that my friends is called hard working boredom.

He grabbed the part, took about 10 minutes…heck maybe 5 minutes to fix the bob cat, started it up and parked it so it is ready for tomorrow.

Lucky be me – to have such wonderful brothers!  I don’t always enjoy the cantankerous, opinionated and hackling of each other (or keeping each other in check)…well maybe some days I do – but I always appreciate that I’m guaranteed they’ll do the right thing, work hard and we’re always there for each other.  We are who we are.  I’m a lucky sister for sure!

AND…..Day 27 ended with about 14 holes dug (small round of applause).  Only 1486 more to go.

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