Day 3 – No Prob We Got This!

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Day 2 we made some serious progress and we were feeling pretty good when we laid our weary heads down last night.  I kept hearing “today was a good day” in my head.  We woke up to tackle Day 3, knowing we had a few – very doable – things to get done before Big Day 4 when the family work crew is to arrive.   All that is needed is to finish up the last few details on the fence, need to get last 1/3 field disked, planed and then stake the lay out.  Yup, yep, yes… not a problem!

Well, the day just continued to tick on and it seemed one thing after another we couldn’t get enough done.  Justin, who is pretty much amazing by the way, finished the fence up by noon.  I had been on the tractor most of the morning and finished up with the landplaning in one direction by noon.  DSC_0096The only problem was there were a number of large rocks that were dragging marks in my canvas…it was driving this perfectionist a bit crazy!


Cleaning up the rocks.

LUNCH!  Each day we stop and sit down to have lunch with everyone together.   That’s when I realized I was fighting a problem that could be fixed…we need to pick up these rocks. (haha –  I’m slow on some days).  The opportunity was offered to the kids and you know what??? Each kid was ecstatic to help!  You could see the pride and ownership the kids felt in helping.  Teamwork!

It’s neat to see what motivates each kid, some it may have been the money (yes I did pay them $5/bucket), others it was just the fun of playing in the dirt, or the competition of finding the biggest rock, or maybe not wanting to look wimpy…others Mom just told them that’s what family does – help each other!


Where did you learned your work ethic? For both of us it was working with our parents and on the farm.

The day just kept ticking away, by mid afternoon we decided a trip to the nearby vineyard was in order to take note for installation of the end posts and other layout questions we were having.   So off we go to a 35 minute trek, looking like Pig Pen off Charlie Brown…needless to say we didn’t stop in the tasting room for a glass of wine.  We were greeting by our friendly vineyard neighbors who helped answer our questions, pat us on the back, give us supportive encouragement and we were back to our track just in time to watch the sun go down…

…not enough time to get any lay out complete, still 3/4 of field to be land planed… oh this day slipped by way to fast.   What to do? Well we enjoyed a nice dinner our neighbors prepared..which by the way are some of the best people around!  Afterwards we crawl back home, in to bed, say our prayers and hope tomorrow we wake up with super powers!


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