Day 28 – 1500 Reality Check.

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It’s Wednesday (I week from when vines arrive) and this morning baby brother was at it early drilling hole after hole after hole…equipment running and 1,486 to go!


Small gopher problem?? Four hours of work and 130+ holes drilled.

Today, he was able to get two rows done by lunch.  Seems like great progress!  That’s close to 130 holes.  Around noon we stopped to get some lunch.  Our lunch conversation went something like this:

He said “You know I’ve had plenty of time to think as I’ve sat on the bobcat this morning…”

Me: “Yes, I suppose you have.”

He said: “I’ve figured out it takes me close to 1-2 minutes per hole to drill.  That’s about 1-2 hours per row or 60+ minutes for every 60 holes – IF I don’t stop for anything.”

Me: “hmmmm sounds about right..”

He said: “Soooo… I don’t think we figured this out right.  You’ve got 22 rows, 1,500 holes,  that’s about 35-45 hours… I’m REALLY starting to think we were a little off on the 2-3 days thing.” (he said this a little sarcastically and maybe slightly deflated – poor guy).

Me: “hmmm…yes I suppose so… I guess it might have helped to actually calculate that out huh?”

He said: “Yeah 1,500 holes is a lot, it’s just a lot of damn holes.”

Me (slightly awkward guilt): “Yes it is.”

I share this conversation because as we continue to work more on the individual vines, whether it’s the holes, rebar, vines, cartons, drip, planting, maintenance, management, replacement, etc…the 1,500 number is starting to really hit home – it’s ALOT!  It really becomes obvious when you’re working as hard as you can, no breaks, one right after the other, and there is no way to really expedite the process, just one right after the other…and it takes 4-5 days just to drill the holes… just – to – drill- the – holes….


Progress before lunch!

Trying not to let the size of the project get to us…but it’s sinking in – eeek.




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