Day 30 – Towing The Line.

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DSC_0626It’s Friday (5 days till vines arrive). Today brother continues to…you guessed it!!.. drill holes!  He is almost done. Justin had a set of headphones so at least Seth can listen to music now…I was starting to wonder if the alone time was getting to him!


Kids towing the line!

Justin, the kids, and I worked this morning pulling wire. The bottom wire of each row needs to be installed, so we can hang the irrigation line.

If you look closely you can see the notches on the stakes.  The wire sits nicely in the notches.  Oh and all the little decisions that need to be made, such as “which side of the stake do we put the wire?”.  We put the wire on the west side.  Our reasoning is structural support, because the prevailing winds come out of the west southwest.


Of course they raced while they pulled the line! Which for the work part of it worked out great!

After we got the first few rows figured out, we worked out a pretty good system.   Justin would stay on the north end and run the wire reel, the kids would pull the wire to the other end, I would thread the grip tube and tie it off on the south post, then Justin would install the rachet on the line and tighten it up, and the kids would set the line in the notches on the way back up the field.  It worked pretty slick.


They took turns pulling the line and some had more energy than other! But you can see we don’t age discriminate!


Tightening the line and getting it set.

The bottom wire installation only took a few hours, which helped us make up some time.  We need to get the holes filled with water prior to planting and have enough time to observe the drainage and have them dry out some… lots to do but it’s starting to come together!



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