Day 31 – Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

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Hard to capture the work of drilling 1,500 holes, but I guess you can imagine how boring it would be look at 1,500 pictures of hole drilling…that might reflect how much my brother loves us!

Today is Saturday – brother finished drilling all of the holes.  I am almost positive that if he were the dancing type he would have been doing the moon walk break dance after the last hole!  Yes, this turned out to be 3 days longer than first anticipated and it is monotonous work .  My brother showed his ornery side and drilled the last hole as far as the auger would go, which left a hole about 6-7′ deep.  He finished up, loaded up and was on the road in about 30 minutes.  It’s how he rolls and we love him for it!

DSC_0670We started rolling early this morning by installing the drip line, which starts by running the drip line down each row.  We brought the drip line up during our Spring Break trip, so it was great to have materials on site ready to go.


Meet Jenny with her pvc additions, compliments of our vineyard engineer. As wobbly and simple as she may seem, she has joined us as an important player on the team!

On a side note – the cost of this project is adding up quickly.  While we have a budget, one goal is for the end product to be amazing and the cost to be under budget (ha! everyone goal right?).   So, when researching and purchasing materials, tools and equipment along each step of the project, we’ve tried to stay focused on costs vs. value.  Along the way, we’ve found that we’ve made some good buys and some that were unnecessary.  However, in the last two days we have recognized the value of the Jenny Wheel!  She is amazing and worth every penny times 100 that we paid for her (she was relatively cheap).   Meet Jenny!


Every row needs a line. From the tracks you can see we’ve started to use the ranger to run the lines.

we also used Jenny to run the bottom wire and we’ll use her to run the top wires.  While Justin did have to modify her a bit to keep the line from getting tangled, she works like a charm.  Without her, our life would have been one great big ball of wire and drip line…and probably hours upon hours of frustration.   Oh thank you dear dear Jenny, we love how you roll (or unroll)!


This is how we roll! All in a good day’s work!

After the lines were pulled through the field, we started to hang them.  This can be done a number of ways, we did it with zip ties, knowing we’ll have to replace in the future.  Note – the drip line is hung loosely so that as the vines get bigger we can move the drip out away from the vine to promote better root growth.

None of this is complicated, it’s fairly simple really, it just takes time.  Today just rolled on and we were able to get about 70% of the drip lines installed.  We did find out that we needed more connectors, because while we had enough line, we needed to splice some together.  So we set the last 1/4th of the drip installation on hold until we can pick up more material at the start of the week.  Not ideal and kind of put a little kink in our plans, but not the end of the world.

Good thing there’s plenty to do!

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ gee this project’s rollin’ – YIPpee!!


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