Day 32 – It’s Just Good.

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Stephanie hanging the drip line, tying it up with zip ties.

Like a ball rolling down hill…the momentum is building and there really is no stopping it now.  It’s Sunday the vines are expected to arrive on Wednesday (they are officially on the truck headed our way).  The plan is to start planting some on Thursday, then gear up and power through Friday and Saturday. We left Sunday (Mother’s Day) and Monday available in case it’s just a few of us lone souls out there planting.DSC_0677

Today we finalized our list of items needed to prepare for all that entails the “Planting” . This includes making sure we have water, beverages, meals, snacks, gloves, shade, sunscreen, hats, shovels, wire cutters, wire, a few extra golf carts/mules, enough beds, cups, etc, the list goes on and on.


Mom and her baby ducklings hanging the drip lines!

In the spare moments (late evenings & lunch breaks)  Stephanie, Justin and I have been snipping away on spaghetti lines.  It’s the straw that takes the water from the emitter down into the carton and near the base of the vine.  We only need 1,500 about 30″ long….so I think we’ve got 3,750′ (2/3 mile) of line, approximately half way done.  Cut and bundle – cut and bundle – almost there!

Today, it’s another day of doing what needs to get done.  We continued to work on the field for planting preparation.   We hung the drip lines, flushed the lines, tested and tied off end.   By the end of today the first few lines had been punched for the emitters. The water was turned on and guess what????  It works!!!


One of the sandier holes, we tried to mark a few for testing in the future. We thought it may be helpful to know in the event the vines struggle or excel.

One of the sandier holes, we tried to mark a few for testing in the future. We thought it may be helpful to know in the event the vines struggle or excel.

We ran the water on Row 1 and 2 filling up the holes . This allowed us to test the water pressure, main lines, trunk lines and drip lines (which worked like a charm! thanks to our vineyard engineer).  Running the water also provided insight to see which holes drained quickly and which ones filled quicker.  As you might guess, it pretty much followed suit with the sandier holes and the sandy fingers that spread through the vineyard that were noted when we were trenching and digging holes. We did mark a few of these so we can compare the growth with the loam soils in the future. (Our Science Project).


The emitters have not been installed, we tapped the drip line and let it run to fill the holes quicker. Otherwise we’d be waiting til next spring with 1/2 gph emitters 🙂


This is about what 90% of the holes look like – nice loamy soil rocky composition. Look forward to seeing what flavors are produced in the grapes!

It’s Sunday, the momentum is gaining, we can feel it – although we are working to ignore it by keeping our heads down to get the work done ;).  Today, I took a minute to look up.  I found the whole family working on various parts and fairly happy.  It was a sweet moment for me.  The fact we have water running through the vineyard has really caught the kids attention and lifted all of our spirits.

Today we had a breeze of gratification roll in as the holes were being filled with water.  Water to a new crop is so gratifying, I imagine it’s how a pilot feels on take off or landing OR a teacher when their student grasp a concept…it’s just good.

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