Day 33 – Fffwhoo!

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DSC_0683Yes Mam’ it’s Monday (May 5th)!!! Big kids and Mom left last night for the valley, so they can get to school and get the”real job” tasks out of the way, and pick up the laundry list of items needed for the week.

Dad and littlest are working as fast and hard as they can on the vineyard to prepare for the planting.  He stayed with Dad to “help” with the vineyard tasks (really the kid enjoys running 5+ miles a day and the vineyard is very conducive to that type of activity!).


Not quite prepared for a First Day of Preschool…but Dad made due 😉 This picture is so stinkin’ adorable to me, it just reflects so much of what’s going on in our life right now.

Ms. K, the next door neighbor, kindly offered to have him over on Monday for his first day of Dewey Preschool!  We were very unprepared…but Dad pulled it off – it’s cute in a vineyard planting week sort of way!

Oh another ut-oh!!  I realized we(I) had not ordered the rebar…ughh. In the midst of all the details, that’s one minor…well  MAJOR task I(we) let fall through the cracks. With a quick phone call first thing at 8AM to Yavapai Steel….they have it in stock, can cut and have it delivered by Tuesday! Ta-DA!!!  Problem solved with a 5 minute phone call and a credit card ;)!   High five to Yavapai Steel today!! Their prices and customer service are far better any other steel place I called….and they are local (and saved my hinny)!


Lines are almost all hung!

Fffwhoo that was a relief – steel is on it’s way, almost as if we never overlooked it in the first place! 🙂

Dad continues through the day hanging line, connecting the main lines, flushing lines, and tying off.  Then punching holes for emitters and filling holes.  Just keep on keepin’ relaterad sida!

Monday is off to a great start!

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