Day 34 – Lull Before Storm.

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Isn’t it sooo pretty?!!! Can’t wait to see it planted!

It’s Tuesday (May 6th), Mom and big kids are gathering and finishing up all that is needed in the valley for planting.  Dad is working steadily to prepare for planting on site.  Our right hand lady SM is on her way up the mountain to give the lone soul a hand.  There’s still plenty to get done and we recognize that we have quite a few long days ahead of us.  Cheers – bring it on!  Vines arrive tomorrow, there is anticipation in the air!

DSC_0689Today is a little like the lull before the storm.  It’s the quiet time in the bee hive right before the kid whacks it with a bat!

We are still continuing to hang line, connecting, flushing & punching holes.  Trying to get holes filled with water and all prepped for planting.  Same thing for the last 4 days, but much like the drilling of the holes, one can only work so fast – 1,500 is a lot!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Since today’s a short entry, maybe a good time to introduce a few of the characters you may have seen or will likely see in the pictures.

Meet Duke!


Duke II. Think he’s good looking…should have seen his Dad!


Duke and Wendy were hanging out with the kids keeping an eye on them.


Dean is infatuated with Dusty Crophopper, he has it in his hand and runs through the field dragging his feet, pretending to be crop duster spraying the fields. Trusty Duke just follows close behind him. Occasionally they’ll stop and both lay down in the dirt to rest, lounging on each other…precious.

Throughout this vineyard process we have truly grown to appreciate him more than ever.  He has been Dean’s protector, watcher and buddy!  He has not let him get more than 50′ away and has been by his side as Dean discovers, plays, digs, and enjoys the freedoms of space, etc.  We’ve had two instances where someone stopped to inquire about what we were doing and both times we watched Duke stay between that person and Dean.  Quite amazing and an honest blessing to Dean and us.  Dogs can be amazing gifts.


Duke thinks he owns the ranger, often times he won’t scoot over and ask me to get in the back! I had to force him in the back on this one.

Duke is a big dog, only 2 years old and these last 4 months he has stepped up to the role of protecting the farm and the kids.  Just to note – he is a little bit of a worry wart, and if left in the house he has proven he will break through (and break) the blinds and window screen to join the family (true storyx2).   Such a good boy (most days)!


Justin was digging down to find out what was down there – no luck, but Duke was very concerned about the happenings.


You also may also catch a glimpse of Wendy.  She is our yellow lab…yes we have one of each color.  It just happened.


They thought they were in trouble because I was trying to a picture of them all together. Same look they give when they get into the trash!

Her full name is Wendy I-Need-Love Wood…but that was too long for a tag, so we just call her Wendy Wood.  She is a great Mama, cuddlier & doesn’t roam so she gets a ton of praise when we’re out looking for the other two (uggh).

Timing is really a funny thing.  I should probably just include this so we don’t forget “all” that was going on during this “planting a vineyard” we committed to.  I admit I’m a little embarrassed because it does expose a bit of our craziness…Wendy had a litter of puppies during all of this…nine…count them…nine puppies Pongo!  So just picture it… back and forth all these trips… we are usually lugging around a litter of Labrador puppies (they need love too!).   Some may giggle and we do get a few head shakes of disbelief (I have both these symptoms every. single. day.)…these people are crazy!  Yes, we can’t argue that point.  We know.  :).


Life is a true gift, trying to make the most of it!






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