Day 35 – Roll Out The Red Carpet

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The skies do change in a short time frame around the vineyard. Rain rain go away, we’ve got vines to plant today…well tomorrow any way!

Roll out the red carpet, it’s Wednesday!! The anticipated arrival day of the vines!   The pace has picked up and we are hustling.   Still lots to do before planting can start (T- minus 24 hours).

Papa & Nana have come a day early, and it’s a very welcomed sight.  Justin & Steph work to prepare the ice chests, wheelbarrow & trash cans (our vine holders) and gather up what’s needed to trim the roots. PapaW jumps in to help on the water and filling holes.  Nana gets a quick schooling in installing emitters and spaghetti lines viagra generika kaufen.  What a fun time to be working side by side with family.  Very thankful we had good helpIMG_20140507_164531_399!

First thing this morning our rebar is delivered.  Hot diggety!  You may have read in an earlier post, this little (BIG) detail some how fell off the to-do list somewhere between page 4 and 29.  Yavapai Steel came through for us, cut it and delivered it to site.  They make staying local very easy to do so!

Mid morning – the vines arrive!!!  I’m still on my way up with the materials & kids.  “Yay!” …but there seems to be some pause on the other end of the phone.  Then follows: “Well…we just thought it’d be more that’s all.IMG_20140507_163739_810

So…1,500 bare root vines arrived in just 6 boxes. They are packed in wet sawdust, bundles of 20 in a plastic bag.  All this excitement building up to the arrival(it’s like Christmas) they arrive…and… “that’s it?” – 6 boxes of bundled twigs?  Let’s just say the first impression was a little bit of a let down (and it’s funny to see that it’s most people’s first impression).  Actually, within those 6 boxes are 1,500 impressive twigs with awesome super powers to produce amazing Cabernet Sauvignon in 3-4 years!  Positive thinking any way!

They arrived in perfect condition!!  All was well and what a relief.

It didn’t take long before the shock wore off and away we all went back to  preparing.  Nana and Steph took them out and put them in water.  Later we clipped the very bottom of the roots (both of those steps help the vines start to wake up). During this time we also looked closely for any that were damaged or showed signs of sickness.  We were happy with the stock we received – way to deliver UPS & Vintage Nurseries!IMG_20140507_163757_109

It has been rewarding and fun to build this project and watch it grow in the community.  We’ve had many stop in to inquire.  A few have stopped us at the local restaurants and the local hardware store.  It seems to be some small talk of the town, whether they think we’ll be a flop, interested from afar or love what we’re doing.   Even the UPS man has stopped to visit with us on it when he delivers.  It’s been fun to share with the communityIMG_20140507_163819_183.


Professional spaghetti line installer!

The work on the vineyard drip system continued through the entire day, punching holes, installing spaghetti lines, flushing the filter out (which kept clogging with sand and decreasing the flow) and filling holes. IMG_20140507_164426_454


Mid day I arrived with the dogs, kids and the important gypsum and borax. The soil tests basically stated we have similar soils to the Wilcox area and it was in pretty good shape. IMG_20140507_164030_578 We decided to add some gypsum and borax to improve the balance, but basically it’s great soil!  The kids and I started right away down the rows, tossing handful of gypsum to each hole and soil surrounding it.  We were able to get about 3/4 across the field before the sun went down. IMG_20140507_164957_126

The arrival of the vines gave us a good laugh – as we all looked at each other with the thought… this just got real!  The land is nearly prepped, the vines are prepped and hopefully starting to wake up, the water is well on it’s way and we have rallied any warm interested bodies to help plant these little guys.

Today was a good day. If the dust on our kids is any indication…then it was a very good dayIMG_20140507_165329_757!

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