Day 4 – I’d Say It Was A Good Day!

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As we sit motionless in bed on the evening of Day 3, our tired pillow conversation went something like this:

“What time do you think your Dad and brother will be here?”

“Well he said they’re leaving the farm yard at 6am, so that puts them here around 8”


We were scrambling to figure out how to get the vineyard laid out before our work crew showed up.  In my mental-mental state I try to find some creative reasoning…either 1. need to create more hours in a day 2. work harder  or 3.  maybe and of course this is THE last resort…give ourselves a little more time – haha!  Day 4, we are behind schedule, we had planned to have it all laid out by now, but we didn’t get it laid out until noon. Today went something like this:

7 AM Tractor does two laps in field and runs out of fuel.

7:30AM Seth’s Work Crew arrives with 2 work trucks, trailers, cement mixers, etc, etc.

Justin & Seth working on east boundary layout.

Justin & Seth working on east boundary layout.

8-11 AM Dad, Mom & Uncle and Papa walk the field, measure the field, measure the historical markers, discuss what is straight, what is best to line up, put up a number of strings and stakes, take down a number of strings and stakes, discuss rows, and what’s in line, what’s square, what makes most sense, what maximizes the field for plantings….folks this was just – well – not my favorite part. It is difficult and the difficulty level is intensified because the property doesn’t have a straight line on it!!!


How about here???


And what about this??

Finally, the Project Manager decided that it would be best for her to “not understand” and let the boys work out the details. Once I made that decision it was very easy and simple, because I decided I have THE VERY Best people working on this project, so what ever the outcome is it will be done with a set of great minds.  And it was.

Some vineyard experts use plastic forks to layout the field...we found it to be a cheap way to mark.

Some vineyard experts use plastic forks to layout the field…we found it to be a cheap way to mark.

After lunch, the first holes for the end posts were drilled, by mid afternoon all of the holes on the north side were drilled and before dark, the four corner posts were concreted in. While the first half of the day was at a stand still, the second half made up for it!

Corner Post

As the sun was setting on Day 4, the four corner posts were setting.

I might add that my brother tried very hard to talk us into putting the end posts straight up and not at an angle.  He was convinced it would be easier and could get it done in less than a day (which he was right!)…unfortunately he couldn’t persuade this day.

I am so proud of these guys.  Watching them work together to get a project on track with success reminds me of the great minds and work ethic of which I am surrounded.  Blessed and fortunate for sure.

Lastly, at the end of this day my Mom called to see how it was come along.  My response was “Well pretty good, it was slow at first, but overall my brother never lost his temper!”  Mom’s response was “Well, I’d say it was a pretty good day then!”


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