Day 5 – These Guys Are Amazing!

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One of my besties coming to participate!

The good vibes were rolling first thing this morning (and apparently my camera was too because I have lots of good pics!).

The crew had breakfast, knew what was to be done.  Needed to finish up the holes, start cementing in the pipes and it was obvious it could get done in the day.  After breakfast, I stayed back to clean up and tidy up with one of my best friends who had joined us.


Utt oh…Houston we have a problem!

Trying to get it just right!

An hour later we made our way out to the project to get in on the action and what we found was a lot of discussion…. some frustrations… and strings being put in – wait what???    As it turns out, one of the end posts was not set correctly, and the angle at which putting the posts in wasn’t going very well.  Again, we left it to the 3 masterminds to work through and in the end, the length of the posts was left for later trimming, and the angle and direction were focused on.

My Dad – the man with the best eye ever!

Cement Man!

The morning was slow to start, one post had to be dug out and reconcreted in.  By mid morning they seemed to find a groove.  Dad was the “eye man” or quality control on the accuracy of the end posts.  Brother was the cement guy…who by the way by the end of the day was covered in at least a 1/4″ layer of green cement dust.  The kids thought he looked like an army man- the little green army men (and he did)!  Two other guys on the crew helped position the posts and pour the concrete, with Justin.


Work continues…

One by one, by 1 o’clock the crew had the north side done.  In the meantime, Lyns and I had to take the one ton work truck to town to pick up more cement…it brought back lots of good memories of driving Siesel the Diesel on the farm.  When we left it was feeling like the end post project would likely flow into the next day.


Uncle Seth!! Such an amazing brother!


Something special right there!

However maybe our absence was key because when we got back they were on the south posts and 22 posts were completed in less than 3 hours.  AMAZING!!!  All of the sudden things just went quick – yay happy dance!!


Quite the Vineyard Installation Crew – Love them!

And because that’s how Seth rolls – the crew finished up, loaded up and headed out before sundown.


End Posts Finito Completo!

Day 5 – End Post Installation Complete.

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