Day 6 – Digging To China!

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Justin & Tate running the tape (with the help of Duke & Wendy)


Tate & Kiwi taking a rest from measuring!

Today we prepared for the next step in the installation – the water system.  We had to make the decision of where to run the trunk lines for the drip and sprinkler system.  This required the daunting task of lining up each end posts with the other, measuring  down each line and marking where the valves come up.  I say daunting, which may be a little overdramatic, but it’s important so that the vines have proper spacing and the valves run along the trellis system correctly.  And so far, the layout has been the most surprisingly difficult challenge for me.


Brother’s super awesome shop made land plane that works like a charm!!

We also pulled the mini land plane over the end post area to level out the field where the work had been done.  Let me just tell you, there is something about a level clean field that just makes my soul happy!

Just because we have vineyard work to do, it doesn’t mean the rest of the real work goes away… today was my day to run down to Buckeye to complete a few needed items in the “real work” office, take one of the kid’s friends home, and also pick up the remaining irrigation parts that had come in.  Then on my way back up the hill I picked up a water test for the well, which we have been needing to do for some time now.


Dig dig dig!

In the meantime, Justin picked up the rented excavator and started trenching.  By nightfall, the trench for the drip and sprinkler trunk lines was dug across the vineyard area.


This is family farm work and the fun we get to share while doing it. Our kids are learning a lot about the earth, dirt and how it all works.


Beautiful girl in her camo & good farm soil!

Yay – was my thought when I arrived early evening to find he had already started on it! But “Wow so deep!”  Yes, trench started at 3′ went to 5′ then ranged from 3-4′ in areas.  Mostly because we want it deep so it won’t freeze, but it did get a little deeper in certain areas!

Today was a great day!  One expectation in any project is that there will be ebbs and flows and today… it just flowed.


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