Day 7…Gifting Dirt!

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Sure beats a shovel!


Let’s remember Spring Break is fun…yes you really have to convince yourself 40 mph winds is fun…because let’s face it – it’s not! Especially when your dealing with dirt.

It’s been a week since we arrived to the site.  Today Justin worked all day on digging the trench.  It was a truly torturous day since the wind blew 30-40 mph most of the day.  Hope the IRS doesn’t come after us, because we “gifted” quite a bit of our dirt to our neighbors today.  With the wind like it was there was no other option!  I give Justin serious kudos, because it was flat out miserable and by the end of the day the trench was complete – SCORE – ON SCHEDULE!


…and then there’s the shovel work!

Always something new to do with a vineyard project.  The kids and I went on an archeology adventure in the trench.  Because what else do you do with a 4′ trench that runs 1/8 mile long???  Very obvious – right   Needless to say we didn’t find much, but we did find some really cool rocks!


Again…more fabulous rock hunting territory!

Heart attack moments – or HAM’s as I call them!!  We were walking along the trench and we were chatting about what to look for.  Tate (6) was enjoying jumping over the trench in the narrow areas.  At some point his little brother (3) decided he could do the same thing in his “mud boots” otherwise known as irrigation boots (after I had told him he couldn’t do it mind you).  He decided to attempt this with my back turned, and when I heard the cry I turned around to see him gone.  Yes gone.  As in MIA.  You guessed it – he tried to jump the trench at a 5′ depth area and went straight down into it.  I quickly found as I was pulling him out that his crying was NOT because he was hurt, but because he was disgusted (very mad) he didn’t make it across like his brother….oh boys – they keep a Mama’s heart pumping.  All was well and we continued, only later could I laugh about it.

Day 7 – trunk line trench complete!  Today Justin rocked it!


Kiwi..we.we is her nickname, but she will come to Kiwi as well 😉

Meet Kiwi –  Did you know that there are books written about Vineyard Dogs??? Interesting or maybe not – hehe –  but Kiwi is worthy of a little blurb in our book.  Kiwi is one of our 3 Labrador retrievers (the other two will get their spotlight in later posts).  Kiwi is a quiet dog and her only challenge is that she is vertically challenged (some of us just are)!  Or as my brothers say “she forgot to grow…upward” you can see outward is not a problem 🙂

About Kiwi: she is my loyal sidekick, she enjoys holding down her dog bed at the office for hours on end,  she is quiet as a mouse, her piercing brown eyes can make you slightly uncomfortable.  Based on her size and beautiful coat, I’m guessing it IS obvious to anyone that she IS a connoisseur of free range chicken eggs!  Meet Kiwi!



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