Day 8 – Humor & Blessings

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Fancy measuring tool to measure where to put in the valves. Not sure what the official terminology is for “eyeballing”….regardless very technical!

Today God reminded us He has a good sense of humor!  It’s Sunday and again the wind blew and blew and blew…ughh!!  So while we should have been at church, we were out in the wind trying to install the trunk lines for the drip and sprinkler system (not miserable…but that thought, as well as a few others…did come to mind!).


He’s checking the marks – every 10′ marks the valve.

By the end of the day the lines were installed, along with two NI (New Idea) water valves.  All it took was a little work, pixie (Dewey) dust, 900′ of 2″ PVC, additional supplies and 3 trips to Home Depot and Ace Hardware.  The icing on the cake to the day was the last 30 mile trek right before sunset for a $2.10 pvc fitting.  Oh yes you read that right – TWO DOLLARS AND TEN CENTS.


Meet Trunk Line 1 and Trunk Line 2!

Sunday evening the pipe installation is complete.  As the sun sets, a beautiful moon rises over the eastern mountain range (no I didn’t copy that from a book…it really happened!).  I pulled out of the vineyard with 3 dirty kids a truck full of Spring Break miscellaneous headed back down the mountain.  We waved good-bye to Justin as we left him to finish up strong tomorrow!


Wish this picture captured the beauty, the moon was gorgeous tonight coming up over the eastern mountains.

What a great Spring Break Vacation Week!



To Him we give thanks:

It can be fairly easy to lose sight of what has been given to us.

What looks like a whole lot of work to some – is a true honest gift to us.  We try to remember to thank Him daily for our health, our family and our blessings.  As wacky as this project is, we know He is with us – for this we are thankful!

Did we mention what awesome neighbors we have AND the treasured little community that surrounds us???!!!  Today our neighbors took the kids to church while we worked.  At church our 6 year old stood and asked the entire congregation to pray for Grandma, and so they prayed for her.  That’s Tate.   Kind of a big thing for such a little guy…well for even someone at my age too.  For all this I am thankful!

There for a reason?? The local church down the road has this warm welcoming peace about it.  The best way I know how to describe it is it’s a place where you feel like your cousins are in the next pew and you half anticipate it to end with a potluck each day!  Something very special about the congregation, pretty certain it has to do with the people and their humble love for Christ….and for this I’m very thankful!

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