Day 9 – Shazzam Water Baby!!

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A happy sight!

Monday morning Justin and the neighbor tackle the remaining portion of the line.  By mid day water is shooting out of one of the valves about 20′ in to the air….yay we have water! By Monday afternoon the water lines are completely installed, the excavator is returned, and the trench on the vineyard site had been backfilled!


Our faithful following….these rascals have another story further down the line.


Lefty (the one on the left in front) is our horse, but we share it with the neighbors.

Here is our great following!  This is a set of groupies that have been watching our project since Day 1.  These local ranch horses have grazed on the vineyard land for the last couple of years.  Day after day they stand and watch us work.  Pretty sure they’re just watching and thinking “pass the popcorn!” and other days they are plotting and scheming their break in for their annual grape trot.  Either way, they are our captive audience, as well as all the onlookers who drive by.

The land we are putting in has remained relatively unused in recent years, (although it has significant history many years past).  Regardless, it sat idle for a few years, and so this project has caused some rubbernecking on the OBC (Old Black Canyon).  My father-in-law suggested we wave them in to help :).

Monday night…the Spring Break Vacation is finito-completo!   Justin loaded up the trailer, bobcat, implements, dogs, etc and headed home.  We find that it’s getting harder and harder to leave , especially as the project is showing good progress and Spring is starting to show signs of it’s arrival.

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