Clear As Sauvignon – Q&A’s.

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Sometimes our adventures get more into our story than the actual vineyard details.  For any one that’s interested in the real meat and potatoes…here’s the answers to  a few common questions:

Q. What kind of grapes are you planting?

A. We planted Cabernet Sauvignon. Depending on the reason for questioning, you may be interested to know it’s on rootstock 1103P Clone 4.  Without giving away too much information for a future blog, it was originally mistaken for a merlot when brought over from Argentina.

Q.  How did you choose the type of grape?

A.  This is a long story, part of it covered in an earlier blog.  The short answer is that the growing season is “squeezed” at the site.  Meaning we run the risk of a late frost/freeze into May and an early frost/freeze in September.  Now this doesn’t happen every year,  but it has happened.  So we chose a variety that 1. fits best with the climate 2. that we enjoy 3. that many other people enjoy 4. that is more vigorous…because beauty is important too 😉

Q. Who will make your wine?
A. TBD 🙂

Q. Will you have a tasting room?
A. TBD 🙂

Q. How will you know how to harvest?

A. We recognize that there is still much to learn, and while we can do all the research in the world, it doesn’t equate to the actual experience.  When it boils down to it, it’s farming and it’s risky. Fortunately, we have a few knowledgeable sources that will hopefully guide us and we look at this journey as a continual learning process.  There is a science to the harvest, again “hopefully” we’ll find the right advisors and make good decisions that result in a great product.  That’s the goal any way!

Q.  How many grapes/bottles of wine will you get off of your planting?

A.  There are many variables that play into this answer.  Such as growing, harvesting, winemaker preferences, quality of grapes, type of desired wine, etc, etc.  So generally speaking we will again “hopefully” harvest 3-4 tons per acre or approximately 6 tons in a good year.  6 tons or 12,000 lbs.  There are about 3lbs of grapes in a bottle, which would produce about 4,000 bottles per harvest.  Or another way to look at it is each plant will result in 2-3 bottles of wine. We planted 1,500, so somewhere between 3,000 and 4,500 bottles.  Or 720 bottles of wine out of a ton of grapes would result in 4,320 bottles.  So let’s call it “hopefully” at full production, with the weather working in our favor, no mold, no pests, no bugs or disease…we anticipate 6 tons per year or 3,000 – 4,000 bottles of wine.

Q. When will you get to harvest (reap any benefits from this)

A. Don’t dust off the vasos just yet…in general Y1 and Y2 are spent establishing the roots. Y3 will hopefully produce enough for jellies, home winemaking, etc. Y4 will hopefully produce (somewhere around 60-70%) and Y5 will hopefully be full production. Please note all the “hopefully”s!



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