Today We Rest & Play Some More!

Posted on: May 28th, 2014 by
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Super cute and happy kids + one phone bomber!

Day 6 of the consecutive Spring Break Vineyard Installation Retreat!  It was time and a requirement that the family have a reprieve.  Actually, Dad had to go to meetings at his “real job” and every Spring Break needs a trip to the zoo!  So that’s where the kids and I went for the day.   Not to mention running a few much needed errands to Home Depot and Lowe’s for a few parts (ahhh the life of self employment!).


This picture is a favorite! The bald eagle in the back screeched the notable call just as the kids were grumpy to take this picture. Love their faces!

Today’s post isn’t so much about installing the vineyard, well I guess it is very much about installing the vineyard.  Since our vineyard is about our family.  I think it’s good for us to share and think about why we do what we do, to be intentional in our actions.  Those who truly know us, know our kids are the reason for the vineyard.

I rest well at night when I lay them down after a day of playing in the dirt, using their imaginations, building a fort, finding so many cool rocks we could have a museum, or helping Mom or Dad in a way it couldn’t have gotten done without them….the list goes on and on. DSC_0070

It’s these times that I’m reminded what we are giving them.  Sometimes the simple things in life make the best memories.

Kids & friends digging out a prospective future swimming hole! Don’t you think a few trees planted, filled with water would make this a great swimming hole????



Dean loves to drag his feet across the field!! Flying his crop duster mostly!

And today we rested and…. really just played some more!

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